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Download countries which require a Visa to enter Botswana

Download countries which do not require a Visa to enter Botswana

Requirements for Visa Application

  1. Two fully completed Immigration sup Form D. signed by the applicant.
  2. Certified copies of passport pages of applicant showing validity and photograph of bearer.
  3. A fee of US$80 for all types of visas, fee is non-refundable and subject to change without notice.
  4. Two recent coloured passport size photos.
  5. Covering letter stating reasons why applicant wishes to travel to Botswana and remember to include your contact telephone numbers.
  6. Visa Section: Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am to 12.30pm
  7. Applications for all other permits and services are received daily during normal business hours

Tourists / Holiday

  1. Itinerary from Travel Agent or copy of Airline ticket with flight details in and out of Botswana.
  2. Faxed booking confirmation if staying in hotel.


  1. Faxed letter of confirmation from the host.
  2. Residential status of the host e.g copy of Residence Permit or if it is a Botswana Citizen a copy of National Identity Card / Omang (Certified copies).
  3. If travelling by road specify or if by Airline Itinerary is needed.
  4. Certified copy of ordination certificate for religious leaders.
  5. Copy of Residence Permit or return visa from the country of residence (certified).
  6. Couples should submit their Marriage Certificate (certified copy).


  1. Business profile if coming to establish a business.
  2. Certified copies of Ordination Certificate for religious leaders.
  3. Labour Exemption certificate if coming for a month or more.
  4. Meeting Schedule (if coming to attend or organize a meeting).


  1. Copies of Work and Residence Permit
  2. Certificate of Incorporation, Trade Licence, Share Certificate, List of Directors.
  3. Bank Statement.


  1. Employment offer letter/Confirmation of Employment.
  2. Waiver from Department of Labour and Social Security or copies of Work and Residence Permit.

Children holding their own passport should apply for own visa separately.

Please request for a receipt after payment of visa application fee.

NB: Please NOTE that all applications which do not fully meet the requirements
will not be accepted.


Procedure for application for RESIDENCE Permits

Requirements for Renunciation of Citizenship

  1. Affidavit letter stating how you wish the Embassy to assist you.
  2. Certified copies of Identity Card and Birth Certificate
  3. Declaration Form of Renunciation of Foreign Citizenship

Requirements for Passage to Botswana to Collect Citizenship Certificate

  1. Affidavit letter stating how you wish the Embassy to assist you.
  2. Certified copies of Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Marriage Certificate and Residence Permit
  3. Copies of offer of Botswana Citizenship

Procedure for Extension of Days

To all those who have exhausted their ninety days kindly be informed that the Embassy does not extend days or give days to enter or stay in Botswana. The Embassy can only receive applications for permission to enter Botswana.


  • Letter stating why you want to go to Botswana
  • Copy of passport (bio data pages)
  • Copy of entry and exit stamps in the passport
  • A fee of US$80

Notice on issuance of Emergency Travel Documents

This is to inform the public that with effect from 1st April 2013, Botswana Government Immigration authorities at point of entry to Botswana will no longer assist individuals who hold Zimbabwean and    South African Emergency Travel Documents (ETD’s). ETD’s will only be accepted for confirmed emergencies.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Schedule of Fees

Download Visa Application Form

Download Application Form for Residence Permit